Amy-the-Alicorn was a weird, immature Flippy Sue who was in both, HTF Fandom and MLP Fandom. She first joined Deviantart in June 2014.

First Appearace Edit

Amy's first day excited her. As she experienced dA, she wrote a short, 3-worded bio, just saying "I Like Cookies.". Nobody even knew her back then. She wrote a journal, titled "WELCOME TO MY PROFILE".

The journal said the following:

Hello there, welcome to my profile! Here you will find HTF, MLP, and Cute Pics.

*icon of some guy bleeding rainbows* <---- THIS GUY SWALLOWED MY PUKE (my puke is rainbows)

Fave ships:

Flippy X Amy

Nutty X Amy

Cuddles X Giggles

Handy X Petunia

Flaky X Nutty

I HATE FLIPPY X FLAKY. Flippy + Flaky = no just no

This is true, bro. Flippy X Amy is true love.



After that, she uploaded her first deviation - her character Amy in SFM form. She created it using, a website for creating 3D ponies.

Her character was, unique (until she was revealed to be a Flippy-Mary Sue). She was a pink alicorn, with blue Pinkie Pie hair. She had a lightning bolt for a cutie-mark. She also had white and pink headphones around her neck.

It wasn't that popular, only until she set out, leaving love comments about her and Flippy on nearly EVERY Flippy plz account. People got curious, and clicked on her profile. They were very nice to her.

Uploading More Edit

As she got deeper into Deviantart, Amy uploaded another deviation - including her OC with her tongue out.

Amy the alicorn&#039;s gallery

Half of Amy's dA gallery.

Across the screen, it showed the weird, but stolen "Amy Song". The song was originally created by YouTube user xMissAmyx (not available on YT anymore, because her song was stolen), but Amy the Alicorn came over, and stole it, putting it into her deviation. She was happy when it received a Favourite, and thought she was going to become famous.

After that, she uploaded some more. The names of her new pictures were "Princess Luna", "Amy the Alicorn as a HTF", "Amy Cutie Mark" and "Charlie the Unicorn in HTF". "Princess Luna" was a version of Season 1 Luna from MLP:FiM, but only created on General Zoi's Pony Creator. The description of the image said "I created my favourite My Little Pony princess on the pony creator!". "Amy the Alicorn as a HTF" was a Paint-Tool-SAI coloured image from Amy. The description of the image said "Me as a HTF." "Amy Cutie Mark" was a transparent image of a lightning bolt, supposed to be the cutie-mark of Amy's character. The description said "MY CUTIE MARK!" "Charlie the Unicorn in HTF" was a Paint-Tool-SAI coloured image used from a


Amy's profile.

popular HTF Base. She uploaded the picture without giving any credit to the basemaker.

Joining Best-MLP-Games Edit

As Amy was deeply into dA, she found the group "Best-MLP-Games". She joined it, hoping that it would be good. She loved the games, and loved posting her comments, yet again. She played the game "Super Pinkie World 2" where she met another user, with the username of "piplupandpinkiepie". The two became "friends", although they copied eachother a bit. One day, piplupandpinkiepie commented on Amy's profile, talking about eating a slice of cake, and having only one piece left. Amy replied with an icon of a "bummy" sitting on a rainbow cake.

Closer to the End Edit

Amy loved Deviantart lots. She had changed her icon, and uploaded 2 new deviations. One of her new icon, and another of her and Flippy from HTF.

Later on, a deviant named SINISTERsystem commented on Amy's profile, talking about how fucked-up Amy's "imagination" was. The hashtags #TheFandomIsRuined and #FuckYou were left behind on that comment. Amy almost cried, and went to Best-MLP-Games for help. She left behind a comment showing hate to


Amy's comment, showing hate towards SINISTERsystem.

SINISTERsystem. It looked like a temper tantrum, and after that, she got more hate, so she started leaving nasty messages to everyone on her own profile, like saying that she was going to kill them, and told them to kill themselves. After somebody gave "critiques" on Amy's artwork, she left.

Her old profile now just stands as a wall to post hate.

Return Edit

In 2016 she returned to deviantart and liked undertale and minecraft. She didn't do much.

In 2017 she returned again. But this time she revealed her surname. According to her profile picture, she likes Sirianne Nilsen from "Potato in a Norwegian School". She started getting involved with "AlexLovesDuckman".